Delivery to your warehouse (B2B)

We provide the implementation of your purchasing process – from us directly to your warehouse. Large firms use our services to significantly reduce their personnel and logistics costs, as well as small firms that don’t have their own purchasing and procurement department or the opportunity to take advantage of wholesale prices.

For small businesses, without purchasing department:

“We take over the work of the purchasing department, saving you unnecessary staff costs“

  • We are able to monitor your stock and individual needs and then prepare the order.
  • We prepare purchase tenders and help with any other selection activity (and the audit of purchases if needed).
  • We monitor orders and keep track of their progress.
  • We register orders, invoices, and transfers of goods.
  • We are able to extend the due date of invoices.
  • We provide significant scale discounts – “we do not buy only for you”
  • Cost reduction:
    • reducing the number of employees working in purchasing (the employee can concentrate on their real job, or other activities)
    • eliminating the need to train new employees and fulfill their workplace needs (PC, mobile phone, printer, etc ..)
    • saving time and money associated with recruitment
    • etc..

For large firms with a purchasing department:

“Let us a take care of the details of purchasing and administration while you stay focused on your strategic activities”
We take over part of your purchasing activities (by purchasing category / sector), providing the same activity as your purchasing department but whilst making savings in the following areas:

  • the expenses of the purchasing department
  • Staff training costs, place etc.
  • Your purchases will connect with our other purchases and we will be able to negotiate a better price
  • By IT system we can communicate and monitor minimum and maximum stock levels to guide the dispatch / receipt of stock
  • We set the basis for stock valuation according to customer requirements (average price / current price, standard cost, price levels according to the amount or average consumption)
  • We extend the due date of invoices
  • and much more associated with the administration of the purchases, as with small companies

In no case do we push customers to switch supplier or to change their procurement policy.


In the event that the customer prefers to keep “the expensive option” due to historical or technical reasons, we do not change the supplier but work on the administration of the supply chain.

Price list:

It should first be said that the price we secure is never greater than what you already pay. And we are always able to provide a preview of the entire purchase history.
Our services are paid at a flat rate according to the extent of the SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) we manage and the complexity of the supply distribution chain.