Consulting in the area of purchasing

The company Zotcone s.r.o. is active in the field of market research and purchasing consulting. An essential step in us obtaining important market information and suggesting the correct purchase plan is a detailed market survey prepared by an independent third party. Through consulting and analysis Zotcone s.r.o. helps you to make the correct marketing and sales decisions.

We are able to deal with:

  • preparation of the application and documentation of all types of purchasing procedures
  • taking care of negotiations with the supplier and pre-preparing the necessary documents
  • identifying priority purchases and proposing a timetable of purchase operations and use of funds
  • optimization of personnel costs in conjunction with the client

In purchasing the following are important:

  • Better management of information, including the analysis that will give you the necessary information for your profit.
  • Globalization means that the same products are often required in different countries.
  • Expert negotiations in the field are often more efficient and profitable.