Processing and realization of the purchasing process from us directly to your warehouse, below you can choose from our services:




Search for new suppliers

Finding the supplier with the lowest price and highest quality. Finding and finding a contractor is our specialty.

Long-term average of price is 15%, from the original purchase.

We offer for companies:
  • Supplier searching.
  • Market analysis with a recommendation to select the most suitable supplier.
  • Audit of existing suppliers (price vs. logistics).
  • Checking the lowest prices on the market and your suppliers compared with the market.

We are using:

    • team of 5 buyers for new supplier searching,
    • more than 60 specialists or consultants from various fields,
    • more than 15 000 contacts and
    • acces to many EU or worldwide databases of another suppliers.

Purchasing activity



Purchasing activity

Do you think how to improve your purchase? The number of buyers is not enough? Do you need seasonal buying assistance? We will all solve it.

Savings more than 1 200 EUR, because purchase will be done without hire a new employee.

We offer to companies:
  • Monitoring yours warehouses.
  • We will prepare a purchasing tender.
  • Order creation and progress tracking.
  • Detailed description at purchase services HERE


    • Lower personnel costs, 1 200 EUR.
    • You do not have to recruit employees just for a two-three months.
    • Using a free e-auction system.
    • More than 15 000 contacts.
    • Acces to many EU or worldwide databases of another suppliers.




Search and creation of the first logistic way of the product from manufacturer to customer

We will prepare and create for you:
  • Planning a trip from the starting point (producer) to the final destination.
  • Analysis of possible logistic variants (In case of unexpected situations).
  • Finding the cheapest carrier on the market.
  • Checking the lowest prices on the market and comparison with other carriers.

In Logistics We are able to:

    • Create shared transportation, and full fill MOQ.
    • Ask for a dissolve "North Sea Routes" through the Bering Strait.
    • Network of more than 50 transporters in EU.




Preparation of analyzes for companies

The company Zotcone s.r.o. is active in the field of market research and purchasing consulting. An essential step in us obtaining important market information and suggesting the correct purchase plan is a detailed market survey prepared by an independent third party. More detail Consulting in the area of purchasing

Our analysis:

    • Monitoring of your warehouse.
    • Preparation and processing of your "old stock".
    • Consulting on the implementation of IT systems.
    • Stock analysis with respect to turnover and efficient purchase.
About us

About us

We are a dependeble company and the only company in the central European market that specialises in offering services in the the field of purchasing. With a team of buyers, speacialists and market analysts we are able to procure all that your company needs. We have the facility to provide the purchasing activities for your company, including making orders and creating tenders. Thanks to this we achieve significant savings and speed up delivery of goods. In this regard, we provide a lot of flexibility. It is this flexibility distinguishes us from other companies, and through it we are able to handle all customer requests, preferences, ideas and improvements.

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